Anterior Support

ComforFit Anterior Trunk Supports provide excellent postural control with superior comfort.

Made of an exclusive breathable material, clients stay cooler and drier and ultimately more comfortable.

With 7 different styles to choose from and two models, structured or dynamic, there’s a ComforFit support to fit every need.

Breathable Fabric

Most ComforFit supports are constructed of a unique open cell fabric which allows air to circulate through and moisture to escape. Heat build up is reduced, ensuring client stays cooler and drier.

(Not available on Centre Opening and Y Style Models)

Dynamic Model:
Provide excellent postural control, increased mobility and a soft fit to the body. The client moves easily within a limited range, yet gently returns to a neutral position when relaxed
Structured Model:
Are as soft and comfortable as our other ComforFit products but with increased stabilizing support. They are perfect for clients needing positive control with little movement of the upper body
Strap Design:
The design of the ComforFit upper D-ring adjustment straps keeps the buckles away from the user’s face head and neck
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Adjustable Stretch

Offers varying degrees of control
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Backpack Style

For aggressive upper torso control
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Centre Opening with Buckle

Adjustable buckle closure
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Classic Style

Maximised Support
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Contour Style

Narrowed sternum section
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Y Style

Ideal for independent shoulder retraction
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Zipper Open

For quick and easy transfers
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