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Anti Spasticity Ball Splint

Maintains palmar arch
From $70.15 incl tax
From $39.10 incl tax

Heelift Classic Boot

Designed by orthopaedic surgeons specifically for prevention and treatment of heel pressur...
From $115.00 incl tax

Infinity Dorsal 'Attachment On...

Treats Extensor tone in the hand
From $89.70 incl tax

Neuroflex Restorative Safe Spi...

Comfortably treat functional curves of spine/back like Scoliosis, Lordosis, and Kyphosis.
From $263.35 incl tax

Posterior Leaf Spring AFO

Preferred for easy fit and long wear. Type C-90
From $113.85 incl tax

Restorative Cock Up Hand Splin...

Treats Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & other conditions that require stabilizing the wrist.
From $140.30 incl tax

Infinity Thermoplastic

Our most popular splinting material
From $54.05 incl tax

Fibreform Thermoplastic

Moderate resistance to stretch
From $105.80 incl tax

Colours Thermoplastic

Moderate to Maximum Resistance to Stretch
From $132.25 incl tax

Marque Easy Thermoplastic

Maximum resistance to stretch
From $142.60 incl tax

Excel Plus Thermoplastic

Minimum resistance to Stretch
From $120.75 incl tax

Rebound Thermoplastic

Moderate Resistance to Stretch
From $104.65 incl tax

Resting Pan Mitt Splint

Positions the hand in a resting mode
From $63.25 incl tax

Functional Positioning Splint

Perforated for maximum ventilation
From $41.40 incl tax

Gauntlet Thumb Spica

Immobilise MP joint of the thumb
From $51.75 incl tax

Resting Pan Position Splint

Functional position resting splint
From $87.40 incl tax

Wrist Cock Up Splint

Ideal base for many dynamic splints
From $103.50 incl tax

Oval 8 Finger Splints

Align and stabilise PIP and DIP joints.
From $110.40 incl tax