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Edema (the technical word for swelling) is common after an ankle or knee sprain, after an operation such as joint replacement, or after breast cancer surgery as ‘lymphedema.’ While swelling and excess fluid can be a sensitive condition to treat, we’re making it easier by showing you how using TheraBand Kinesiology Tape can help reduce this swelling and drain the fluid trapped in the body’s tissues.

Edema Reduction Kinesiology Taping


Edema reduction kinesiology taping

Not only is the use of kinesiology tape recommended to treat edema; it’s proven. In a 2009 study involving patients subjected to lower limb lengthening using the Ilizarov method who had developed edema of the thigh of the lengthened extremity found that the application of kinesiology taping in the study group produced a significantly faster reduction of the edema compared to standard lymphatic massage.


Later, a 2014 study found that pairing kinesiology taping with Complex Decongestive Therapy may have a better effect on decreasing lymphedema which can stimulate the reduction of edema for long term effects.

Follow along with tape master Dr. Greg Doerr to learn kinesiology tape techniques to reduce swelling!

This specific edema reduction kinesiology taping is shown for the ankle and lower leg, but this method can be used on other parts of the body as well.



Stop right where you are: How is your posture? Are you slumped over your computer or phone? Odds are, you’re in need for some posture exercises. Prolonged poor posture can lead to neck and shoulder pain.

posture exercises techniques

A study published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation evaluating the effects of commonly used shoulder exercises on shoulder motion and resting posture in 20 subjects with forward shoulder posture found that a home exercise program of pectoral muscle stretching and scapular & shoulder muscle strengthening using TheraBand elastic resistance can improve shoulder strength, scapular motion, and posture. According to the authors, this approach may improve muscular imbalances and scapular mechanics, thus preventing or treating shoulder impingement.

Exercises in the TheraBand posture exercise protocol included:

  • Corner Stretching (10 x 10 seconds; increased five reps every two weeks)
  • TheraBand resistive exercises (1×10; add five repetitions every two weeks)
    • Scapular retraction
    • Shoulder shrug
    • Shoulder abduction
    • Bilateral shoulder external rotation


Postural Correction Exercises

Created By: The Academy

This exercise routine can help improve posture and alleviate neck and back pain. 


TheraBand CLX Scapular Retraction

TheraBand CLX Scapular Retraction
Attach the end loops of your CLX securely to your CLX Door Anchor at chest height. Begin with your body diagnolly facing the anchor point. Place your upper arm into the CLX so that the CLX is anchored just below your shoulder.Adjust your standing point to create the appropriate resistance. Pull the CLX downward and back moving only your shoulder blade.Do not rotate your trunk or hips.Hold briefly and slowly return to start position.As a more challenging exercise, add a small step backward once you have your shoulder pulled down. Then complete the exercise as normal.

TheraBand CLX Shrug

TheraBand CLX Shoulder Shrug
Stand on the middle of the band and grasp both ends of the CLX by your side, taking up the slack. Keep your elbows straight and lift upward. Hold and slowly return. TIP: Avoid bending your elbows to complete the motion.

TheraBand CLX Shoulder Abduction (Bilateral)

TheraBand CLX Shoulder Abduction (Bilateral)

CLX Shoulder External Rotation - Bilateral

CLX Shoulder External Rotation - Bilateral
Begin by placing both hands into an Easy Grip Loop one seal apart.With you hands in front of you and arms bent at 90° begin to move your hands away from the mid-line which will create the rotational movement in your shoulders. Be sure to keep your elbow at 90° anchored to your side and perform within a comfortable range of motion.
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