DMO Dorsiflex Sock

The DMO Dorsiflex Sock is designed to lift the foot up during walking and running (active dorsiflexion). This sock will improve incorrect walking patterns and provide additional uplift for patients with reduced strength.

This product can provide: support for over pronation or supination compression and pain relief, correction of Flat Foot and ankle stability.

Effective for

Cerebral Palsy
Acquired brain injury
Multiple Sclerosis


Increased sensory awareness
Improved walking pattern
Increased dorsiflexion


A. Reinforcement panelling for strength and stability
B. Unique Lycra blend provides the perfect balance between flexibility and support
C. Optional open or closed back
D. Optional open or closed toe


This product is custom made for a perfect fit. All fastenings, openings and reinforcements are individually prescribed according to your needs and preferences. To be worn under clothing.

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