DMO Pregnancy Support Shorts

The DMO Pregnancy Shorts have been developed with the highest care and attention, designed to alleviate back and pelvic pain.

Comfortable and supportive they address instability of the pelvic girdle caused by the hormone Relaxin. Pain is alleviated by providing compression around the hips and across the pelvic bump, whilst supporting the unborn baby.

The custom short design provides ultimate comfort and does not dig into the wearer’s body like a conventional pregnancy belt and are available for second and third trimester during pregnancy.


Effective for

2nd Trimester pregnancy – early stages
3rd Trimester pregnancy


Back support
Pain relief
Pelvic stability
Support to your unborn baby



A. Compression fabric for comfort and movement
B. Reinforcement panelling for strength and stability
C. Optional open crotch available
Comfortable and discreet under clothing

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