"I am proud that I am able to work and carry out a life as close to those who do not have MS. Without my DMO I would not be able to do this – it’s like a lifeline to me" 

Michelle - DMO long sleeve glove

I first started using Lycra splints as a child about 12 years ago through another company. I have Multiple Sclerosis which gives me intention tremor in both arms, it is very severe in my left arm. It also affects my balance. The ones I was being prescribed at the time were made up of two parts and were very bulky and cumbersome. Also I would have to attend regular appointments in Birmingham, this was fairly inconvenient as we lived in Suffolk.

When I turned 18 I was put on to Liz who was working as my specialist neurological physiotherapist for the NHS at the time. She had heard of DM Orthotics and put me in touch with them.

I met with Martin and Liz and who prescribed me with a full length DMO Glove. When I first tried it on it definitely reduced the tremor immediately.It was much more comfortable than the ones I had tried previously. It was a bit tricky to put on at first as it was a very tight fit, but I have learned how to get around this over time.

The one thing I remember noticing about my arm and the difference the glove made to it, was when I was standing in a queue in a shop. When my arm was at rest by my side it wasn’t moving by itself, it just stayed by my side. My arm wasn’t drawing attention to itself or me. I used to always put my hand in my pocket to stop it moving. Now I don’t even think about it. My arm is always out and I have so much more control over it.

The reduction in tremor has given me much more control over my arm. I have far more confidence in myself and my abilities. I will attempt to do things I wouldn’t have thought I would be able to do before. I go swimming, I can do gardening and go to a local gym club.

Without it, I think my life and what I can offer society in terms of being able to work would change dramatically. I am proud that I am able to work and carry out a life as close to those who do not have MS. Without my DMO I would not be able to do this – it’ like a lifeline to me.


Liz Betts  - DM Orthotics Clinician Team

We were talking one day and she said, ‘Oh yeah, I can put my earrings in!’, which was phenomenal!

Michelle’s condition needed strong management to minimise the risk of deterioration, which was a big concern of mine, so we needed something that would equal the effects of what she was currently using but at a better price. 

After her consultation with Martin she was prescribed a long sleeve glove with short fingers. The overall compression on the arm would dampen down the tremor and control the muscle whilst at the same time give sensory input to the brain. This would improve the awareness of the position of her arm. 

Within the first four weeks we saw some impressive changes to her function. 1. Michelle works in an office and would have to carry everything in one hand, she could now use two. 2. She had an adapted knob on the steering wheel of her car, she stopped using that as she could now use both hands on the steering wheel.