DMO Structural Scoliosis Suit

The DMO Structural Scoliosis Suit is for patients who have more advanced scoliosis. It has been designed to correct spinal curvature and rotation.

Strategically placed panelling provides counter-rotation and gradual compression over the curved side of the spine. Unlike traditional rigid splinting, this design improves balance and stability whilst allowing range of movement.

Effective for

Idiopathic Scoliosis


Spinal curve reduction by up to 50%
Corrective spinal curve alignment
Full range of spinal movement
Sensory feedback
Encouragement of correct muscle function
Pain relief



A. Compression fabric for comfort and movement
B. Laterally moves the spinal vertabrae
C. Worn under clothing
D. De-rotational and compressive reinforcement
E. Reinforcement panelling for stability and strength

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