Living with Tremors

Tremors can affect those living with Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Strokes and Traumatic Brain Injuries.  Some tremors are slight and have little impact on day-to-day living. But others are more pronounced, and can affect every day activities, such as eating, dressing, shaving, writing etc.

Living with a persistent tremor can be difficult and it can also be exhausting, as these continuous movements use energy in the same way as voluntary actions do. Severe tremor’s can have a significant impact on your independence.

Here are some simple tips and some equipment that can help you with everyday tasks.

to make dressing easier avoid clothes with buttons or fiddly zips.

Make up
If your tremor makes applying mascara too difficult consider an eyelash tint.

Boil veges in a wire basket so you don’t have to lift a heavy pan full of hot water.
Use a food preparation board to hold food steady.
Use pre-chopped or frozen vege to reduce the amount of food preparation.
Use a “perching Stool” so you can sit/perch rather than stand to do daily tasks.

Eating /Drinking
If your tremor affects holding or reaching swap spaghetti or soup for a sandwich which may be easier to manage.
Use an independent feeding aid such as the “Neater Eater”.
Use a two handed or weighted cup.
Use weighted cutlery.
If you find it difficult to hold a drink without spilling it consider using a straw so you don’t have to lift it.

Consider using voice recognition technology if typing is difficult.
You can also get a reduced sensitivity mouse.

Use a weighted pen (fatigue can be an issue though).

Dynamic Movement Orthosis
Utilising a custom made lycra orthoses can help stabilise and control movement.

Remember to talk to your healthcare professionals, your Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist will be able to assist you with many more helpful tips and suggestions to make living with tremor more manageable.

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