Lower - Foot/Ankle

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Neuroflex Restorative Flex Boo...

Treats inversion or eversion, foot/ankle contractures, foot drop and plantar flexion.
From $140.30 incl tax

PegAssist Insole System

Insole System features a multi-indication removable-peg chassis that effectively off-loads...
From $46.00 incl tax

Safe Boot II

Comfortably treats plantar flexion, ankle alignment, and foot drop.
From $140.30 incl tax

FREEDOM Dorsal PF Night Splint

Safer night time ambulation.
From $131.10 incl tax

Neuroflex Restorative FootEase

Effectively treats foot drop, plantar flexion, mild inversion/eversion. Comfortably treats...
From $135.70 incl tax

Darco APB - All Purpose Boot

Post operative protection with a closed toe design
From $41.40 incl tax

Darco Heel Wedge

Clinically proven to off-load pressure from the heel
From $93.15 incl tax

Darco Ortho Wedge

Reduce weight bearing pressure on the forefoot post surgery/trauma
From $54.05 incl tax

Darco Medical Surgical Shoe

The most versatile post operative shoe on the market today
From $24.15 incl tax

Darco Body Armour Toe Guard

Provides extra protection for the toe region during the recovery process.
From $23.00 incl tax

Darco Body Armor Cast Shoe

Specifically engineered to shield the cast from moisture, shock and everyday wear
From $45.42 incl tax

Darco Body Armor Night Splint

Actively engages the windlass mechanism of the foot
From $179.40 incl tax
From $190.32 incl tax

Darco Pneumatic Night Splint

Night splint with a fully-integrated inflation/deflation system
From $110.40 incl tax