New Permobil F-Series Refresh

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

New Permobil F-Series offers greater comfort and stability to wheelchair users



Updated Corpus® seating system and cushions aim to improve immersion into the seat for increased comfort and stability.

Permobil has updated its hugely successful modular front wheel drive chair with seating system enhancements that aim to offer improved positioning and user comfort plus a new design that includes optional front and rear LED lights that are twice as bright. The new F-Series features a range of 13 new colours (10 standard and 3 premium metallic options), allowing the user more opportunities to personalise their chair.

“The new F-Series continues Permobil’s philosophy of putting the user at the centre of what we do. The new F-Series, through its power functions such as ActiveReach™, is designed to address the medical, functional and social needs of the person using the chair,” says Bruce Boulanger, Executive Vice President - Business Region Asia Pacific.

“For people who sit in a wheelchair all day, every day, we realise that it is as important to them how they look as anyone else. So, we are delighted with the updated aesthetics of the new F-Series and the expanded colour palette they can choose from.” continues Bruce Boulanger.

“The new F-Series isn’t only an update of the look of the chair but, includes upgrades to the engineering side allowing for an increased drive speed of 5km/h whilst the seat is in an elevated position, making it a functional walking speed for keeping up with family and friends.” says Linda Nilsson, Global Product Marketing Manager.

Key features available on the new F-Series include:

  • Actuators doubled in strength to allow users up to 136kg to use the power recline function that enable movement and body positioning to prevent secondary complications.
  • ActiveReach™ functionality that tilts the chair forward up to 45° (30° for the F3 Corpus) and raises it to extend functional reach and aid transfers to and from the wheelchair.
  • ComfortRide and ComfortRide Pro independent all wheel suspension system provides enhanced vibration reduction for exceptional ride comfort and drive performance.
  • ActiveHeight™seat elevation of up to 14” (12” for the F3 Corpus) which gives the user independence to reach higher, promotes eye-to-eye contact and enables the possibility for elevated driving at walking speed.

The new F-Series has three models: the F3 Corpus with its compact footprint and tight turning radius makes it ideal for manoeuvring in tight spaces; the F5 Corpus with its power and performance makes it a perfect hybrid for mobility and active lifestyles; and the F5 Corpus VS which offers the same features as the F5 Corpus but, with the added benefit of a standing functionality.

The modular chassis is a four-wheel power wheelchair with the drive wheels positioned towards the front seating system, in order to allow for excellent indoor and outdoor performance and manoeuvrability.  

The global launch of the new F-Series will be at the International Seating Symposium, Pittsburgh, U.S. on March 19, 2019. Production will commence on April 15, 2019 with the official New Zealand launch to occur at the ATS-NZ Expo in Auckland on May 23, 2019.

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