Power Seat Functions

Power Seat Functions: We want to hear from you!



Often when we think about power wheelchairs and their power seat functions, we think of tilt first. Tilt is a great power seat function, but depending on the power wheelchair and the manufacturer, power wheelchairs can have other power seat functions. These power seat functions may include: elevating leg rest, recline, standing, or the Permobil ActiveReachTM.  When we think about power seat functions and their use we might think about how these power seat functions allow the end user to be independent with their pressure management. We might think of power seat functions for health benefits like to assist with decreasing lower extremity swelling, but what about for functional independence and psychosocial benefits? While it is very important to remember that these power seat functions can help assist with pressure management and other health benefits, for the next couple weeks I want to focus on all of the power seat functions and how these functions help benefit end-users in their everyday life.
If you or anyone you know is using a Permobil power wheelchair and uses their power seat functions to increase their independence, get more involved in the community, return to work/school, or maybe just for fun we want to hear from you! Please email with your story and photo, so that we can include you in our next blog!
As a therapist it can be difficult to determine which power seat functions would be reasonable and necessary for my client to have on their power wheelchair.  It is important for us to consider the goals of the client and to determine if a power seat function could help to achieve this goal.  A great example of this is with ActiveReachTM.  Perhaps a client would like to increase their independence in their morning ADLs, activities of daily living.  Many times they might not be able to fully access their sink because the sink is too high.  Or maybe they can use elevate on their wheelchair to raise up closer to the sink, but they are sitting too far back in their chair to fully use the sink.  With ActiveReachTM, they are able to not only elevate, but to tilt forward to allow for full access of their sink.  Clients who couldn’t reach to brush their teeth in the sink before might be able to complete this activity independently because of this power seat function. This is just one example of how a power seat function can assist with independence.
Over the next couple weeks, I look forward to discussing how our users utilise their power seat functions.

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