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(Tuesday 11 August 2020 - Three time slots available. Choose from 12.00pm, 4.00pm or 9.00pm)

Power Seat Functions: Use of power functions to meet complex seating and positioning needs

Want to know more about power seat functions?  

This intermediate level webinar explores the use of power recline, power elevating leg supports, ActiveReach and power standing, including the clinical use of each.  We will look into the use of smart actuators and how they can assist the end user in effectively using these functions.

This webinar is intended for therapists who have some experience in prescribing power wheelchairs, and/or are interested in power wheelchair solutions for those with more complex seating and positioning needs. 

Webinar Host 

Rachel Maher

Clinical Education Specialist

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(Tuesday 18 August 2020 - Three time slots available. Choose from 12.00pm, 4.00pm or 9.00pm)

ROHO® - How the ‘Basics’ Keep Working, Changing and Optimising Outcomes

Cushions and back supports serve as an interface between the flat surface of the mobility device and the complex contours of the human body. Products must promote tissue viability, safety, comfort, positioning and ultimately function.

This webinar session will review the basics of ROHO® seating and positioning technology reminding us that the ‘basics’ have been working for over 45 years!  Clinical case examples will be utilised to demonstrate clinical application of various ROHO features and products, assisting with positive outcomes for our clients.

Webinar Host 

Tracee-Lee Maginnity

Clinical Education Specialist

Andrew Thurtell

Product Marketing Director AU/NZ

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(Tuesday 25 August 2020 - Three time slots available. Choose from 12.00pm, 4.00pm or 9.00pm)

Mobility and the Shoulder: A look into how Permobil products play a role in shoulder health, function and independence

The shoulder is often considered when determining appropriateness of manual mobility, but do we consider the impacts of other types of seating and mobility equipment on the shoulder? How does the client’s access to their environment, their posture, and their support surface impact the shoulder? This webinar will begin with a review of shoulder anatomy and physiology. Following a review, we will discuss how the Permobil products – power wheelchairs, seating and positioning products, manual wheelchairs, and power assist can directly impact shoulder health and function. By the end of the webinar, the attendee should be able to better understand how equipment directly impacts the shoulder and the client’s functional independence.

Webinar Host 

Rachel Fabiniak

Director of Clinical Education - Asia Pacific

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