Safe Swallowing

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Provale Cup

designed to deliver predetermined "small swallows"
From $115.00 incl tax

Dual Cup

A disposable chin neutral cup
From $29.90 incl tax

Dysphagia Cup

Weighted Base Dysphagia Cup
From $63.25 incl tax

Feeding Cups

Clear Plastic Beaker
From $28.75 incl tax

Maroon Spoons

Ideal for feeding children with problems such as poor lip closure, oral hypersensitivity, ...
From $37.95 incl tax

Nosey Cup

Cut out clears nose to allow drinking without tipping head
From $20.70 incl tax

Safe Straw

Helps dysphagia clients with oral motor control of liquids
From $303.60 incl tax

Wedge Cup

Cup contents can be drained without moving head back because of unique wedge innder design
From $138.00 incl tax