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Welcome to our Training and Education page. 

Optimising your people and clinical practise is vital in today’s rapidly changing workplace. We understand that achieving this goal can be one of your greatest challenges.

Permobil New Zealand is well positioned to partner with you in your efforts to achieve this challenging goal.

Meeting the education needs of your staff in our challenging workplaces requires tenacity and creativity, and can impact many factors including:
* patient outcomes
* productivity
* getting the most out of your capital equipment
* risk exposure
* staff recruitment and retention

Permobil has a team of educators and clinical experts to help you meet this challenge. Our clinical expertise, along with our strong customer focus, makes us the perfect partner for your education needs.

Our areas of expertise include:
* Pressure Care Mattress Selection (across all technologies)
* Transfer & Handling Techniques
* Heel Ulcer Prevention
* Contracture Management
* Wheelchair & Seating 101
* Holistic Pressure Care Management
* Positioning for Feeding and Daily Living
* Patient Safety, Falls, Alarms, Hip Protection
* Environment Impact Report

Our mission is to provide our customer access to the knowledge and skills needed to meet the demands of the current NZ Healthcare environment.


The Environmental Impact Report© (EIR©) is a document that sets out to give a structured process to the evaluation of environmental influencing factors with relations to pressure care.

E.I.R - Environmental Impact Report DEMO

E.I.R - Environmental Impact Report BLANK FORM

NPUAP Pressure Injury Stages

The latest staging information 

Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers :Quick Reference Guide Quick Reference Guide


This is a link to the University of Pittsburgh Education series. This module is titled "The Fundamentals of Wheelchairs and Seating": 

Theraband Academy
This site is a unique resource to healthcare professionals and consumers alike covering the most comprehensive resources for Thera-Band® research and exercises.



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