Upper - Hand/Wrist

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AliMed Palm Guards

Designed to protect the palm from finger contracture
From $67.85 incl tax

Carrot Orthoses

Moderate to Severe Contractures
From $29.90 incl tax
From $152.95 incl tax

Gentle Compression Gloves

Very comfortable Lycra/spandex blend.
From $42.55 incl tax

Infinity Dorsal 'Attachment On...

Treats Extensor tone in the hand
From $89.70 incl tax

Neuroflex Restorative FlexHand

Treat from the tightest closed palm, to moderate flexion.
From $144.90 incl tax

Neuroflex Restorative ThumbEas...

Ideal for severe thumb deformities.
From $140.30 incl tax

Palm Protectors

Designed to protect the palm from finger contracture
From $69.00 incl tax

Prosperity Hand

Split finger design for Custom adjustability
From $138.00 incl tax

Restorative Cock Up Hand Splin...

Treats Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & other conditions that require stabilizing the wrist.
From $140.30 incl tax

Stax Finger Splints

Protect fingertip and nail bed injuries, as well as mallet finger
From $14.95 incl tax

Oval 8 Finger Splints

Align and stabilise PIP and DIP joints.
From $110.40 incl tax

Freedom Comfort Wrist Support

Superb Wrist Support
From $54.05 incl tax

Restorative Hand

The Restorative Hand is an ideal treatment for Stroke or lost range of motion.
From $29.90 incl tax

Restorative Thumb Spica

Ideal for strains, sprains, & repetitive motion injuries
From $78.20 incl tax

Restorative BendEase Hand

Comfortably and quickly address lost range of motion
From $112.70 incl tax