Upper - Torso/Shoulder

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Abdominal Binder

Relieve Muscle Fatigue
From $67.85 incl tax

CVA Sling

From $188.60 incl tax

Gun Slinger Shoulder Orthosis

Easily adjusted to suit any combination of abduction, flexion and rotation
From $407.10 incl tax

Hensinger Head Support

Helps maintain mid-line head positioning
From $44.85 incl tax

Neuroflex Restorative Kentucky...

Effective for conditions like Torticollis/wry neck.
From $170.20 incl tax

Neuroflex Restorative Safe Spi...

Comfortably treat functional curves of spine/back like Scoliosis, Lordosis, and Kyphosis.
From $263.35 incl tax


A knitted shoulder support incorporating an adjustable, anatomically contoured silicone in...
From $294.40 incl tax

Shoulders Back

Gently reminds the user to maintain good posture
From $149.50 incl tax

Universal Arm Sling

Maximum Adjustability
From $28.75 incl tax