Using a Safe Spine to assist with Functional Activities for those with Low Trunk Tone

Low trunk tone, especially in younger children, creates huge issues in being able to perform functional activities.  The weight of the head is such that many are unable to even sit unsupported let alone begin to enjoy function and their surrounding environment.

  Safe Spine  Safe Spine

TLSO’s have been around for a long time however the single biggest issue has always been around comfort for the user.  Whilst functionally they perform well, if a product is not comfortable then the user simply refuses to wear it and all benefit is lost.

 The Restorative Medical Safe Spine is made of softer more conforming materials making it comfortable to wear unlike a moulded thermoplastic device.  It is easy to don and doff and the materials wick moisture from the skin keeping the user cool.

The Safe Spine is suitable to be worn all day however many users choose to wear it just when performing activities where additional trunk support is desirable.  Places/ times when this works well include; using a corner seat, using a standing frame, using a walking frame, in a car seat, horse riding, cycling to name just a few.

By using the Safe Spine to support the torso you are then able to use less lateral brackets and bracing, and less carer hands on support.  Supporting the torso independently, and providing gentle spinal extension allows the user greater energy to use arms, hands and practise independent head control.


Safe Spine


Safe Spine’s can be customised to the individual user with cut outs for feeding tubes and custom heights and widths to suit individual shapes and sizes. 

To find out more about the Safe Spine, or to arrange a trial please contact us.

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