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(Thursday 20 August 2020 - 1.30pm to 2.30pm)

How important is the foundation – Pelvic obliquity (Part Two)

Keeping with our foundation seating concept, this week we will take a closer look at Pelvic obliquity. The correlation between pelvic obliquity and scoliosis is often evident, addressing the causation of this pelvic positioning is important and can have an impact on where you provide corrective supports for a reducible obliquity. With a non reducible obliquity our goal is often similar but the solution is going to be different, understanding where you are providing support and why will assist in guiding appropriate trial parameters. This week we look at the assessment, causation and physiological impact of Pelvic obliquity. We also cover measurement for potential AT solutions to address both reducible and non reducible pelvic obliquity.

Webinar Host 

Tracee-Lee Maginnity

Clinical Education Specialist

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