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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Performance Caster Housing for the Catalyst 5.

Caster Housing

Do you need more than 2" of seat dump?

The Catalyst 5 series now offers you a far greater range of achievable front and rear seat height combinations when you select the new Performance Caster Housing option. A low cost, on-chair option that allows you the ability to achieve up to 3.5" of dump! With the RP Tuning adjustment technology incorporated into the design you will find squaring your casters is easier than ever and can be done with the client in the chair!


Low Profile Scissor Lock


Low profile lock, simple engagement with a sleek and ergonomic design.


Residual Stump Support

Residual Stump Support

Not just your ordinary limb support.

Just as easy to operate as our patented swing away hangers using the same swing in/out design. An incredible amount of adjustment within the system allows you to achieve the exact position and angle your client needs. Complete configuration control so you have the freedom to be able to select exactly what your client needs, both on and off chair.


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